EUREFE’16 (European Union Relationships, Economics, Finance and Econometrics) Conference will be held in 14-16 July 2016 at Adnan Menderes University, Aydın Faculty of Economics in Aydın/Turkey. 2016’s topic of EUREFE Conference Series is: ‘’The Unemployment Problem in European Union Countries and Turkey: Impacts and Policy Recommendations’’


The economic crisis in 2008 has deeply affected both European and Turkish labor markets. Recent data on unemployment rates indicate that workforce market is getting worse day by day. Therefore, it is important to discuss on the problem of unemployment from many aspects and to be able to develop policy recommendations. Governments play significant roles while implementing unemployment policies in order to reduce unemployment rates and solve several problems that may be caused by unemployment. Although the economic strength of the countries determine whether policies  are effectively and efficiently implemented at dealing with unemployment problem, developing or suggesting a policy reform or implementation are preliminary important as well.

ADU, Aydin Faculty of Economics invites unpublished submissions that focus on unemployment problem from many aspects in Turkey and Europe. Particularly, papers that suggest policy implications on unemployment problem are more than welcome. Theoretical, methodological and empirical research and policy or practice oriented papers are welcome provided that they are based on a sound conceptual foundation with a well-thought method. Applied and practice oriented manuscripts can focus on groups of countries or individual economies or sectors. The participants will have opportunity to share their analysis attending to this conference and discuss possible best solutions to cope with unemployment problem across the European Countries and Turkey. In addition to the participation of academicians from world-wide universities, the decision and policy makers from different institutions are couraged to attend this conference as well. Possible ways of implementing suggested policies might be discussed by policy makers. The organizers of the conference are especially interested in following subject, although this does not mean that conference is restricted within these topics:

  • Unemployment Rates in European Countries and Turkey: Recent Policy Developments.
  • The Effect of Public Social Expenditures (Particularly Social Assistances) on Unemployment.
  • Youth and Female Unemployment and disadvantaged groups and Possible Policy Implementations
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Inflation and Unemployment
  • The Relationship Between Unemployment and Poverty
  • The Effects of Unemployment on Mental Health Status
  • The Quality in Educational System and Youth Unemployment
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Taxes and Unemployment
  • Active Labor Market Policies and Their Impacts on Job Opportunities
  • Wage Gap Between Male and Female Workers
  • Gender Role Attitudes and Female Employment
  • Workers' Health and Safety

Moreover, distinguished papers related to other topics in the fields of European Union, Economics, Finance, Econometrics, Public Finance and Business Administration are welcome as well.

Our conference participants will have opportunity to enjoy with the following trip organizations as well.