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EUREFE’17 International Conference, organized by Aydın Faculty of Economics, will be held on 27-29 July 2017 at Adnan Menderes University in Aydın, Turkey.

The main theme of EUREFE’17 International Conference is “Economic, Administrative and Political Transformations in the World and Turkey: Impacts and Policy Recommendations”.


EUREFE’17 Conference is an international event organized by the Adnan Menderes University, Aydın Faculty of Economics. The first conference was organized in 2016 with the theme “Unemployment Problem in European Union Countries and Turkey: Impacts and Policies. The  EUREFE’17 International Conference in 2017 will be held on 27-29 July 2017 in Aydın with the main topic of “Economic, Administrative and Political Transformations in the World and Turkey: Impacts and Policy Recommendations”. In this event, many scientists from prestigious universities all around the world and policy makers will join the event. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the transformations in economics, finance, politics and international relations of Turkey and the rest of the world. Participants from various countries will present the potential policies obtained from scientific studies and discussing plausible solutions to main areas of interest.

This call welcomes all theoretical, methodological and empirical studies emphasizing on economic, political, financial, social and governance developments and issues and their national and international impacts. Main topics of the conference are as listed:


  • Regional Economics and Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Urbanisation, Environment, City Planning
  • Energy Economics and Management
  • Industrial Economics and Innovation
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Tourism Economics and Management
  • Health Economics and Management
  • Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education Economics and Management
  • Public Economics and Public Finance
  • Gender Studies
  • Poverty and Inequality in Income distribution
  • Rural and Sustainable Development
  • Banking and Finance
  • Law and Economics
  • Law and Management
  • Foreign Policy Analysis and Foreign Policy of Turkey
  • European Union
  • Turkey-European Union Relations
  • Fiscal Decentralisation and Centralisation
  • Tax Systems and Tax Policies
  • Tax Burden and Tax Incidence
  • Fiscal Incentive System
  • Public Finance and Emerging Economies
  • Tax Theory
  • Political Science and Political Sociology
  • Political Philosophy
  • Political Systems and Political Parties
  • Democratization
  • Civil Society and Participatory Democracy
  • Public Administration and Public Policies
  • Local Governments
  • History of Public Administration

Social Services and Social Policies

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